Our new Hospitality Lab-centered ‘Next Generation Hospitality Central Lab,’ is a central lab that offers laboratory testing in new next day and future hospitality concepts and data and intelligence management services through complete automation and optimized alignment and connectivity between operation, project management, QA, New tendencies, business development, finance, controller, cost efficiency and information systems. The overall goal is to focus on clients’ needs and the ultimate success of the operations areas trial study in next day and future Hospitality concepts.

Key Learning Objectives:
* What have been the challenges in the central lab space
* Current and future concepts in global central lab
* The concept of ‘Next Generation Hospitality Central Lab’ and how it can add value to the operations areas trials and increase the ROI
Who Should Attend:
* Hospitality Concepts Trial / Teams Learning / Training
* Laboratory leadership in the next day Hospitality Concepts

AMMA Hospitality Lab Concept provide a valuable update and upscale on the changes required by the new customer generation and the challenges in the hospitality space, as well as how the ‘Next Generation Hospitality Central Lab’ can add value to hospitality trial studies.
To assist every asset with full or shared services we manage to achieve its full profitability potential.


We build Communities
Human-centric destination build is at the heart of our DNA. We curate spaces plugging-in concepts that serve as a catalyst to a new ecosystem, support the local community and bring local and international travellers to connect. Bricks and mortar alone, no longer create the value, the soul, the offering and curation of concepts; experience is what the consumers are looking for. We can collaborate with you on this.

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