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Investments mainly in Hotel is more than find a place where people sleep or find a restaurant to eat and make a good ROI — it is the creation of deeply immersive experiences touching all of the senses of a new generation of consumers. The alchemy making up your favorite hot spot or hideaway investments comes from thousands of expertly informed decisions. In our world, it is the combination of market awareness, on-trend programming, guest experience, and world-class design. The result is unforgettable live theater, with a new audience every day/night.


AMMA Hospitality is a leading hotel management & consulting company group, trusted by national and international investors, developers and top-scale hospitality brands. AMMA Hospitality boasts decades of experience in management, investment and development strategies, real estate, asset management, consulting & advisory, sales, marketing and is a unique asset for businesses seeking guaranteed success and return of investment.


AMMA Hospitality addresses each business objective in a comprehensive strategy.
The plan incorporates the most significant target audiences and communicates key business and unique sales messages across consumer, B2B and trade markets.
A dedicated strategy document will be developed with accurate timelines. This will outline monthly actions from appointment, incorporating key areas of activity for a 360 degree approach.

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